Feeder module with line scan camera

The highly flexible and customized system solution for feeding very small parts. By combining our feeding modules with a line scan camera and corresponding control box, you get an adaptive system that can be trained for repetitive work without any programming effort.

The feeder module with line scan camera is characterized by the following features:

    • Feed, inspect and sort out parts with any contour
    • Easy read-in from the part due to pre-programmed setting values in the teach-in procedure
    • The integrated image processing, detects part contour features as small as 0.05 mm
    • Robust optical inspection solution, insensitive to material and color differences
    • Buffer system for non-dustable parts. The computer-controlled chamber system holds the parts individually on call and automatically adapts to the different part lengths without additional queries
    • High output rate due to computer-calculated program sequence
    • Precision mechanics allow feeding of parts up to a minimum diameter or height of 0.50-0.70mm
    • All functions and parameters can be adjusted or changed by the operator as needed, without additional mechanical setup work.

This flexible feeding solution is suitable for various parts, such as:

    • Turned parts such as pins, shafts, plug elements, contacts, sleeves
    • Component size from Ø 0.50 to 8mm
    • Component length from 5 to 50mm
    • The device can be optionally equipped with bunker system
    • Control box with power supply, control cards, amplifiers, valves and IO's are included

We would be happy to provide you with more information in a personal meeting - ideally directly on site in our showroom.

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