NC rotary table REVOMOTION

A different approach, an innovative way of dimensioning and selecting the motorization

The REVOMOTION is the perfect solution for many different applications. The large through-hole is useful when cables, stations or robots need to be fed through. With its high torque and axial load capacity, this indexer is also perfect for welding applications.

Thanks to its incredible accuracy, it can also be used for precision assembly in electronics and medical technology. The zero backlash guaranteed by the mechanical globoidal cam and its rigidity enables a very fast switching time and an increase in productivity.


  • Large through-hole of 250 mm
  • Flexibility - The REV 600 can be supplied without motorization, with a standard motorization kit or with a continuous motion cam with servo motor.
  • Accuracy - Italplant's special manufacturing process guarantees that positioning accuracy is maintained by eliminating play during the dwell time.
  • Smooth movement - The manufacturing process of the cams ensures a smooth and shock-free transmission from follower to follower.
  • Capacity - In relation to size, the carrying capacity is higher than for all other types of indexing mechanisms.
  • Reliability - The mechanisms are very robust and have a long service life. They are practically maintenance-free.


  • Scale disc
  • Stationary center column
  • REVObox
  • Extra accuracy
  • High-speed indexer
  • SITL - Safety input torque limiter
  • Base cell for indexer
  • Food&Pharmacy


This unique indexer can be programmed with a range of servomotors for flexible applications.

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