Whether retrofitting or initial equipment: loading and unloading systems often determine the speed of assembly or production processes. On the one hand, maximum precision is required, e.g. for pick & place of micro parts, and on the other hand, the parts have to be transported over comparatively long distances. We can also automate your existing production system and integrate loading and unloading stations for:
  • Presses/punching machines
  • Machining machines (CNC center)
  • Injection molding machines
  • Laser systems
  • Other
We are at your disposal for consulting and execution of your projects.
Product marking and traceability characterize modern industrialization. With the increasing quality requirements, the labeling of your components and products in the automation chain has become an important and inevitable manufacturing process. Codes for tracking:
  • Alphanumeric characters and serial numbers
  • Bar codes 1D, QR and matrix codes 2D
  • Company logos etc.
The tracking codes can be read back with barcode readers or integrated vision systems and also help to automatically retrieve further machine parameters and collect process data. Use marking as an additional path to practice-oriented Industry 4.0!
Robust and high-precision assembly applications are a tradition with us. For 35 years we have been dealing with complex assembly tasks with very high quality requirements. Standardized and highly integrated work modules for mechanical joining and assembly processes such as pressing, riveting, riveting, screwing have been successfully implemented thousands of times. Other assembly applications with material-bonded joints such as ultrasonic welding, resistance welding, laser welding, soldering and bonding are among our numerous experiences and realized projects. Since we have all the necessary technical skills and operating resources, we are able to develop, manufacture, assemble, test and commission complete functional assembly tools in a short time. Assembly with scratch-free and shiny part surfaces in the field of micro-assembly is our art in the field of special machine construction.
You and your customers expect fault-free delivery quality, trouble-free production, fully documented and reproducible manufacturing quality. Whether in in-line control, automatic inspection or quality assurance, a modern series production line cannot do without integrated testing. Even though the main focus in any production is on error prevention, we work with ever tighter error tolerances in a real-world environment where errors are rare but can never be completely ruled out. To ensure optimal delivery quality, a mostly optical final inspection is indispensable, especially in microtechnology. Integrated inspection systems also play an increasingly important role in the automatic process optimization of adaptive systems.
The company ARCOZ AG (formerly ABS-Ruefer AG) has been a specialist for automated solutions in special machine construction for small and very small parts for more than 35 years. We have helped shape the development of digital automation with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and the integration of PC-based control technology as well as advanced and intuitive user interface HMI. As the variety of functions and tasks grew, so did the need for individual components and modules to communicate with each other. A further increase in performance, towards knowledge-based systems, requires new components, e.g. for knowledge acquisition and knowledge utilization. The focus here is on the interaction of the system components involved. This is what lies behind the idea of Industry 4.0. Technological developments have made automation economical in recent years, even for production with small batch sizes and short product cycles. We offer solutions for your specific automation field, from solution finding to commissioning and maintenance.