Robust and high-precision assembly applications are a tradition with us. For 35 years we have been dealing with complex assembly tasks with very high quality requirements. Standardized and highly integrated work modules for mechanical joining and assembly processes such as pressing, riveting, riveting, screwing have been successfully implemented thousands of times.
Other assembly applications with material-bonded joints such as ultrasonic welding, resistance welding, laser welding, soldering and bonding are among our numerous experiences and realized projects.
Since we have all the necessary technical skills and operating resources, we are able to develop, manufacture, assemble, test and commission complete functional assembly tools in a short time.
Assembly with scratch-free and shiny part surfaces in the field of micro-assembly is our art in the field of special machine construction.

Assembly technology

Important aspects in assembly at ARCOZ AG:

As micrometers are a common precision unit in our house, joining and assembly processes are often realized with stroke and force monitoring systems in a process-safe manner.
Highly integrated automation solutions require intuitive, user-friendly operator interfaces.
Integrated user administration with different access levels and log function with protected password gives you full access to the parameterization of your assembly processes. All important machine parameters and process data can be stored in a CSV file or directly on your network.
Depending on your annual production volume, we can offer you the appropriate level of automation, from a simple semi-automatic workstation to a fully automated production and assembly line equipped with single or multiple tools.

Our practical assembly experience:

  • Smallest round and turned parts from Ø 0.10mm
  • Thinnest flat and curved sheet metal components from 0.08mm
  • Washers, balls, sleeves, pins, O-rings, compression and tension springs
  • Process-safe assembly with pressing forces from 2N to 60KN
  • Precision assembly application with positioning accuracies of +/-2µm
  • High performance assembly line from 1pcs/sec to 60pcs/min.
  • Highly flexible assembly line up to 60 product combinations.
  • Versatile material combinations. Aluminum, brass, copper, other various plastic and steel materials, carbide, inox and titanium.

...we are happy to join in! Your demanding challenges move us forward day by day.

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