You and your customers expect fault-free delivery quality, trouble-free production, fully documented and reproducible manufacturing quality.
Whether in in-line control, automatic inspection or quality assurance, a modern series production line cannot do without integrated testing.
Even though the main focus in any production is on error prevention, we work with ever tighter error tolerances in a real-world environment where errors are rare but can never be completely ruled out. To ensure optimal delivery quality, a mostly optical final inspection is indispensable, especially in microtechnology.
Integrated inspection systems also play an increasingly important role in the automatic process optimization of adaptive systems.

Test engineering

Through our many years of experience in the industrial sector, we understand your needs. We solve your inspection tasks with technological knowledge and the appropriate level of intelligence. With the installation of standard sensors for classic measuring tasks up to the integration of intelligent industrial image processing solutions for complex inspection applications, we guarantee you process-safe assembly and inspection tasks.

Our hands-on testing applications:

    • Presence with evaluation valuesPart presence
      Grease-, oil or adhesive presence and quantity values
    • Position detection and positioning
      For dynamic sorting in feeding systems
      For radial orientation and readjustment in pick & place systems
      For static or dynamic position detection on workpiece carriers, machining fixtures in production in-line control
    • Dimension measurement (diameter, height, depth, width)
      measure with probe
      measure with contact-less laser or confocal sensor system
      measure with optical and intelligent image processing system
    • Assembly tests
      Testing torque and holding force with tension/force sensors
      Assembly with force monitoring by compression force sensor
      Assembly with position monitoring by displacement sensor
      Functional, electrical, leakage and flow tests
    • Quality check by surface inspection
      Detect/measure color, stains, scratches and/or damage
    • Identification check
      Bar code (1D code), QR and Data Matrix code (2D codes)

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