Maintenance in mechanical engineering refers to the repair, servicing and inspection of machinery and equipment to ensure that they function optimally and that their service life is extended. Maintenance is an important aspect in mechanical engineering, as machines can be affected by wear and damage over time, which can lead to downtime and production losses. Maintenance includes regular servicing such as lubrication, cleaning and replacement of wear parts, as well as repair of damage. Well-done maintenance can extend the life of machinery, improve productivity and efficiency, and enhance workplace safety. Depending on the type of equipment, its function and existing redundancy, we offer reactive or preventive maintenance of your existing or new equipment.

Maintenance goals

Maintenance has to perform the following tasks, among others:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Maximize equipment availability and reliability
  • Optimize equipment service life
  • Ensure occupational and operational safety
  • Improvement of processes and procedures
  • Minimize direct and indirect maintenance costs
  • Prevention against disturbances
  • Optimization of the overall efficiency of the plants

The corresponding maintenance strategy is based on the resources that a company makes available for this purpose.


Reactive maintenance

This strategy is used for machines that do not need to be repaired often or can be repaired or replaced cheaply.

In the case of redundant machines, reactive maintenance can also be useful if it is ensured that no people can be harmed in the event of a malfunction.

The reactive strategy has the disadvantage that the time of failure and downtime of the machines and cannot be determined.
This strategy is not suitable for plants whose failure causes high costs and long downtimes of production processes.


Planned and predictive maintenance

Scheduled or periodic maintenance is a preventive strategies. Unplanned downtime is thus to be avoided through scheduled maintenance.

This strategy requires good knowledge of the equipment so that wear parts are replaced in a timely manner but also not unnecessarily early.

With predictive maintenance, process and machine data is recorded during operation by means of sensors and then analyzed. This makes it possible to select the right time for maintenance by recording performance losses.

We will be happy to advise you on these topics and offer you various service and maintenance contracts.

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