Flexible transfer system with P-TRAK linear motor technology

The high load capacity of a precision link belt conveyor combined with the flexibility of a linear motor.

In addition to conventional solutions with synchronous conveyors, with ITALPLANT we now offer our customers another linear solution: a free pallet system based on the ILSM system (Indipendent Linear Sinchronous Motors).

The Precision Trak Conveyor is a heavy-duty magnetic linear system with unique features that combines the high load capacity of a Precision Link Conveyor with the flexibility of a linear motor, allowing independent, flexible and adjustable movement of any pallet.



  • Customizable length and shape
  • Increase productivity without affecting the machine footprint
  • Maximizing efficiency in productivity
  • Optimization of the process flow
  • Flexibility for future extensions to the machine
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration rates, ideal for sensitive products
  • Quick change of furnishings
  • Simple maintenance with little effort
  • Compatibility with any PLC (programmable logic controller)


  • Customized pallets
  • Base frame
  • Braking system to avoid collisions

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