Product marking and traceability characterize modern industrialization. With the increasing quality requirements, the labeling of your components and products in the automation chain has become an important and inevitable manufacturing process.

Codes for tracking:

  • Alphanumeric characters and serial numbers
  • Bar codes 1D, QR and matrix codes 2D
  • Company logos etc.

The tracking codes can be read back with barcode readers or integrated vision systems and also help to automatically retrieve further machine parameters and collect process data. Use marking as an additional path to practice-oriented Industry 4.0!


Often, marking is interlinked with various other industrial processes such as manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging. Marking, labeling and laser marking systems can reliably, permanently and repeatably mark your individual components and finished products:

  • for greater product security (including protection against counterfeiting)
  • for reliable product identification and traceability
  • for better quality assurance of your industrialized processes

Our practical marking applications:

  • Automation of stand-alone laser marking cells.
  • Pad printing process as a tabletop solution and automatic work module.
  • Powerful inkjet marking devices integrated into our custom machines.
  • High-quality laser marking source integrated into our fully automated production lines in compliance with safety requirements.
  • Flat labeling on blister belt or tubular bag.
  • Inkjet marking on plastic and metal parts.
  • Three-dimensional laser marking on different product levels or on cylindrical outer diameters (with/without automated rotary movements).
  • Different materials have been processed by us, various plastic materials, inox, aluminum, brass, with/without coatings.

...we will be glad to mark your branding on your qualitative and high quality products!

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