With the appropriate studies and feasibility clarifications, we clarify technical and economic aspects for you when developing new machines or optimizing existing systems. This enables us to evaluate the feasibility of a project together, identify potential challenges and find possible solutions. The results of the studies and feasibility clarifications serve as the basis for deciding whether to proceed with a project and what measures are required to implement it successfully.

Do you already have an idea of how you would like to implement your processes or integrate individual work steps, but do not know whether this is possible within the scope of your expectations and what effort is involved? We will be happy to analyze your task and provide you with competent advice.


Studies and feasibility studies

We have the experience to quickly assess technical and economic feasibility.

We are happy to share this experience with you!

We also have experience with complex and unconventional solutions, know what is easy to implement and where possible difficulties and cost drivers are to be expected. In this way, you avoid surprises.

Production launch

Are you about to introduce new or changed products into production or a significant increase in demand for individual products? Starting or expanding production means more than scaling quantities. Manual processes are usually replaced by partially or fully automated manufacturing steps during the transition to production. The reasonable degree of automation depends, among other things, on production volume, throughput, consistency and continuity of the production volume, as well as the expected product lifetime. We will be pleased to show you different approaches to solutions and estimate the economic efficiency for you under various boundary conditions.

Other services