Miniature - Robot DB0

High-precision 6-axis miniature robot arm - DB0 series.

In the dynamic world of automation, flexibility and efficiency are paramount. Have you had enough of inflexible production lines? With the mini robots from CPC, we offer 2 series of small robot arms: DB0 and S0.

These compact robots are characterized by a small footprint, low weight, low noise and maximum precision. The S0 series is collaborative and features a foldable design for greater flexibility, while the DB0 offers high rigidity and precise movements. Both series redefine automation and offer unparalleled versatility for energy-efficient, mobile and emerging market applications.


The DB0 is a compact, 4.7 kg, 6-axis robot arm with high rigidity. These features ensure high-precision movements and enable operation in confined spaces with optimum utilization. The repeatability of 5 µm enables tasks to be performed with the highest precision. The DB0 also offers a guided table, which enables simple path planning.

These features characterize the DB0:

- Small footprint
- Low weight
- Low noise
- Best-in-class repeatability
- Industrial
- Best-in-class torque motor
- Powerful servo drive
- High-resolution optical absolute encoder
- Brakes in axes J1, J2, J3 and J4
- Internal cable routing
- High rigidity
- Tool I/O connection: AWG#32, DI x 2, DO x 2

Teach-in panel

cpcStudio - Robot package

Multifunctional control

cpc Robot - User Interface enables direct control of the robot arm's movements. The user can move the end point or the joint freely by tapping. In addition, the user can precisely control the robot arm by specifying the target position of the end point or the joint angle.

Highly User-Friendly Teaching Kit

The user can select different paths and teaching methods, including points (up to 20 points), path recording function (max. 2 minutes by hand guidance), and can select multiple points to execute movement commands in different ways.

cpcRobot architecture

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