Loading & Unloading

Whether retrofitting or initial equipment: loading and unloading systems often determine the speed of assembly or production processes. On the one hand, the highest precision is required, e.g. for pick & place of micro parts, on the other hand, the parts have to be transported over comparatively long distances.

We also automate your existing production plant and integrate loading and unloading stations for:

  • Presses/punching machines
  • Machining machines (CNC center)
  • Injection molding machines
  • Laser systems
  • Other

We are at your disposal for consulting and execution of your projects.

Loading and unloading systems

With the appropriate technology, we automate your existing production machine, CNC lathes and milling machines, injection molding machine, high precision grinding machine, punching machines, presses, sandblasting machines, laser machines, SMD assembly, painting and decorating machine.

Our experience enables the realization of reliable loading and unloading systems for demanding processing fields in clean rooms as well as in production rooms in dry and wet areas with oil and emulsion.

Thanks to our know-how in the field of feeding technology, conveyor technology and palletizing, we can sort out, transport, handle, load & unload, palletize or pack your components with care and productively from pallets, blisters, tape rolls, workpiece carriers or as bulk goods.

Using axis positioning systems, or robots, we can handle your production parts, components or functional assembly, position them with high precision, clamp them carefully and handle your production processes smoothly.

Depending on geometry and size, we can process, load, place, unload, palletize and pack your round, cylindrical, flat and cubic components with high flexibility and high cycle rates.


Solution approaches

In the realization of your projects, we are guided by the specific requirements and your long-term needs. Together with you, we will find the right solution:

    • Linear loading and unloading
    • Robotized loading and unloading

The decision whether to use multi-axis systems or robots depends primarily on the requirements for speed, precision and flexibility, and ultimately also determines the profitability of the operation.


Our hands-on automation experience:

    • Precise further processing and reworking, pre-assembly, Testing, punching or rewinding from the tape reel.
    • Cost-efficient loading of unfinished or semi-finished parts from pallets.
    • Bulk goods loaded fully automatically by our own feeding solutions.
    • Unload and pack finished parts in blister belt or tubular bag
    • Stacking finished parts or loading them into flat or vertical workpiece holders
    • Palletize finished parts into special milled aluminum or steel pallet
    • Unload and palletize finished parts into thermoformed plastic blisters or JEDEC pallets

...we would be happy to automate your future business success for you.

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