Micro Dispensing System - MDS 3250⁺FC

The high-precision Micro Dispensing System MDS 3250⁺FC is based on a high-speed piezo technology and is the optimal solution for a variety of demanding industrial applications where fluids with high to highest viscosity are used.

  • Fast configuration with top adjust
  • High speed piezo technology
  • Precise reproducible dosing results
  • Ultra-precise, non-contact dispensing
  • Incomparable application diversity

The MDV 3250⁺FC microdispensing valve is one of the most powerful piezo jet valves in the industry.

The high-performance jet dispenser was specially developed  for high-precision contact-less dispensing of fluids in a wide viscosity range up to 2,000 Pas.

Main advantages:

Piezo technology speeds up the dispensing cycle by opening and closing the valve extremely quickly, resulting in the highest throughput and maximum system performance.

The MDS 3250⁺FC system achieves precisely reproducible dispensing results with identical single droplets ranging in size from nanoliters to sub-nanoliters.

The valve is equipped with the extremely user-friendly "Top Adjust", which allows the adjustment of tappet and nozzle from above. The Top Adjust greatly facilitates system accessibility and process configuration, in addition to delivering highly accurate dispensing results.

Recommended media:

The MDS 3250⁺FC system incorporates an extremely efficient piezo actuator resulting in higher stroke and force. Therefore, this valve is especially suitable for high and ultra-high viscosity media such as:

  • SMT adhesives
  • Silicones
  • LED phosphors
  • Underfill materials
  • Oils & Greases
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Flux materials
  • Solder pastes

Main industries:

Fully automated production lines require shortest set-up times and fast process configuration. With the novel Top Adjust, the MDS 3250⁺FC system is a dispensing tool for mass production that offers highly reproducible output results from identical single dots.

It is the dosing system of choice for industrial production equipment such as

  • Automotive
  • Semiconductors
  • Microelectronics
  • Consumer electronics.

The modular design supports custom configurations as well as dispensing into cavities, grooves and all types of irregular surfaces.

Hot Melt Dispensing System Designed for all types of hot glue adhesive applications

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