Micro Dispensing System - MDS 1560

The MDS 1560 Micro Dispensing System is powered by "DST-Dynamic Shockwave Technology". DST optimizes the performance of the valve to achieve a perfect dispensing result. The MDS 1560 is suitable for a wide range of fluids of different viscosities in industrial microdosing.

  • Powered by DST
  • Wide range of applications
  • Perfect dosing results
  • Unique compression technology for maximum speed and performance
  • Uncomplicated parameter input
  • Easy handling + maintenance
  • Integrated heating

The MDS 1560 is powered by DST - the technically revolutionary actuator principle from VERMES Microdispensing. It offers exceptional power, precision and speed even with the smallest stroke.


Main advantages:

DST - Dynamic Shockwave Technology, a completely new invention, stands for a revolutionary actuator principle and perfects the metering result.

VERMES Microdispensing's new technology enables the MDV 1560 valve to achieve a maximum output of up to 700 Hz dispensing frequency, faster than any electro-pneumatic jet valve on the market.

The MDS 1560 system offers the most even power transmission, maximum precision and speed for exact dosing accuracy.

The integrated heating system with nozzle heating and monitoring, ensures permanently stable temperatures, as well as perfect viscosity conditions for the dosing media.

The MDS 1560 features optimized channel routing and a new compression geometry.

The dispensing parameters can be easily adjusted to dispense perfect lines regardless of varying environmental conditions.

The MDV 1560 valve can be mounted on a metering machine from three sides and has a rotating fluidic system to ensure maximum flexibility in system integration.

Bayonet fluidics make tappet replacement quick and easy without the need for additional tools.

Full compatibility with all consumables and spare parts available from VERMES Microdispensing provides maximum configuration flexibility.

Recommended media:

The system provides a perfect solution for a wide range of fluids of different viscosities, these range from aqueous solutions to solder pastes.

This includes, for example:

  • Type 5 solder pastes and others
  • Flux materials
  • Organic solvents
  • Weak acids + bases
  • All aqueous solutions

Application examples:

  • The system is suitable for a wide range of fluids of different viscosities in many application areas for industrial microdosing processes.
  • With the "MDS 1560-powered by DST Dynamic Shockwave Technology", VERMES Microdispensing offers a solution to reliably dispense solder pastes of type 5 and others without material clogging and blocking of the plunger tip.
  • Media can be dispensed in quantities less than 1.0 nanoliter.
  • The system is ideally suited for many industries such as electronics and consumer goods, as well as many areas of automotive and medical technology.

Hot Melt dispensing application with the DST powered MDS 1560 Hotmelt system

Solder paste dispensing with MDS 1560 system

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