Linear drive Power line

The LVP product line is the mid-size range of longitudinal vibratory drives.

These linear drives are ideal feeding solution for medium and large components.

The vibratory linear drives can be combined with a bowl feeder or used as an independent transport system as a hopper function.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable modules for your applications.


The LVP range consists of 6 product variants.

The product variants differ in shape and size:

    • LVP-35-95-F2, width 35mm, length 95mm (height 102mm)
    • LVP-50-100-F3, width 50mm, length 100mm (height 95mm)
    • LVP-60-140-F3, width 60mm, length 140mm (height 100mm)
    • LVP-50-120-F4, width 50mm, length 120mm (height 96mm)
    • LVP-65-145-F4, width 65mm, length 145mm (height 108mm)
    • LVP-80-200-F4, width 80mm, length 200mm (height 130mm)

Enclosed are the main product benefits:

    • Compact height
    • Low weight sensitivity
    • Assortment selection: 6 size
    • Width: from 35 to 80mm
    • Length: from 95 to 200mm
    • Height: from 95 to 130mm
    • Different cable versions (cable outlet left/right)
    • Electrical connection: 220V/50Hz
    • Special versions: 110V/60Hz also available on request

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