Centrifugal Conveyor

The centrifuge is mounted on a mobile cart with rollers as standard. The unit consists of rotatable inner and outer shells, motorized drive system and a conveyor belt. The centrifuge and the output of the conveyor belt can be adjusted to your desired plant height.

The centrifugal conveyors are mainly used for high throughputs. They are particularly suitable for bulk materials that do not easily jam and can tolerate high speeds. The centrifuge can convey, by means of mechanical sorting (blast air/baffle), any cylindrical components one after the other with the highest conveying capacity.

Our centrifugal conveyors are designed according to your requirements.

    • For cylindrical components such as pins, shafts, sleeves, journals
    • Well suited for part size Ø1.50 to 25mm
    • Available in different sizes
    • Centrifuge on mobile cart with rollers as standard version
    • Performance significantly higher than conventional feeders
    • Possible throughput up to 500 pieces/min.
    • Output height from conveyor with optional adjustable height system
    • The device can be optionally equipped with bunker system

The device can be optionally equipped with noise protection hood

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