Rotary table Toroidal TIG

ITALPLANT Toroidal Indexers TIG are globoidal cam mechanisms with similar operation to the other rotary tables in our production.

The Toroidal Indexer TIG is a series suitable for applications requiring a large through hole or accurate positioning with a large diameter of station positioning.

ITALPLANT Toroidal Indexers TIG are globoidal cam mechanisms with similar operation to the other rotary tables in our production. This results in the toroidal shape of the turntable, which is particularly useful when you need a lot of space in the central area. This space, in addition to allowing cables to pass through, also allows for the placement of assembly stations, pick-and-place and other equipment that would otherwise be located outside the table and take up valuable space.

The result is a compact indexer whose performance and load capacity are better than those of the competition, thanks to the roller tracks designed by ITALPLANT with improved mechanical characteristics.

Here you will find the advantages of our indexers:

  • Simplicity: There are only two basic elements, the curve and the turret.
  • Reliability: The mechanisms are extremely robust and have a long service life is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Self-locking: All mechanisms are self-locking in the dwell position and require no additional locking device. The turret withstands full torque in both directions when stationary.
  • Reversibility: The mechanism works equally well in both directions of rotation.
  • Smooth: Movement - The cam manufacturing process ensures smooth, shock-free transmission from follower to follower, with positive control throughout the movement.
  • High speed: A cam system gives the designer the freedom to choose the displacement/time function. This has been used to apply acceleration characteristics that minimize the impact forces generated at high speeds by loads with high moments of inertia. Machines can be indexed much faster with Italplant indexers than with other systems.
  • Efficiency: The use of low-friction Italplant driver bearings results in very high efficiencies, so that power losses in the cam and turret are negligible.
  • Compactness: The load capacity in relation to the size is higher than any other type of indexing mechanism.
  • Flexibility: By installing a cam with continuous motion, it is possible to change the output angle of the motion with a servo motor unit.
  • Accuracy: Italplant's special manufacturing technique ensures that positional accuracy is maintained by eliminating backlash during the dwell time. This is possible thanks to the globoidal cam shape of our rotary tables. For this reason, Italplant rotary tables are certainly the most accurate in the field of cam mechanics.

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