Heavy duty feeder bowl 300-800mm

Design for larger components ( diameter: 300 mm to 800 mm)

The welded technology is suitable for medium to large components.

Our feeders are designed and produced on 3D CAD basis.

CAD data simplifies interface definitions between the feeder module and the machine.

The relevant functional elements and reject baffles are mostly milled and demountable to achieve a higher degree of repeatability.

Spare and wear parts can also be reproduced subsequently in most cases and put into operation with minimal fine adjustment work.

Design for larger components (Ø 300 mm to 800 mm)

This series of conveyor bowls is particularly suitable for untangling, sorting and feeding various medium-sized to large geometric shaped parts with a risk of entanglement, for example:

Punching, bending & Spring parts
tension or compression springs
conical punching springs
complex stamped parts
complex bent parts

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