The linear modules of the COMPACT type form the middle class of the SYZAX series.

In addition, the Syzax axis systems offer many other advantages:

  • Compact, powerful and highly precise
  • Modular and user friendly
  • Directly mountable without intermediate plates
  • Stroke length up to 1mm/step freely selectable
  • Integrated sealing air connections
  • Predisposition with water cooling circuit
  • Grease fittings for easy maintenance
  • Counterbalance for the Z-axis
  • Encoder resolution freely configurable from 0.1µm to 50µm
  • Ready for extreme operating conditions

SYZAX was developed as the simplest, most flexible and powerful linear axis system for automation, offering the perfect combination of high precision, power, dynamics, compactness and modularity.

Design your own system with the SYZAX online configurator and adopt one of our standard machine platforms.

The number of components that make up a module is reduced to a minimum. The one-piece and multifunctional carriage is one of the keys to the compactness of SYZAX.

For a given stroke X and peak/continuous force, the external dimensions of most competing systems exceed SYZAX dimensions by an average of 10 to 30%.

SYZAX emphasizes the concept of minimizing the number of components, as the assembly of a multi-axis system requires a maximum of one additional part, regardless of the configuration of the chosen system.

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